How Can We Help You?

Most questions are answered on the page below. Please read the page below for help before sending a message to customer service.

  • When Will My Ad Start Sending?

    Your ad will begin sending on the day you specify on the submission form. We will email you a tracking link by the end of business on your scheduled sending day.

  • How Do I Change My Ad?

    You can change or edit your ad campaign by logging in here. After logging in click on the Ad Submission section to make changes.

  • What Are The Targeting Categories?

    To view our list of targeting categories please click here. When you submit your ad to us you can select up to three categories per campaign.

Pre-Order Questions

What Targeting Categories Are Available? +

We have many targeting options available. You can view the full list here. Below are our most popular. Don’t see a category that fits? Email Us - We can obtain custom targeting.

  • Internet Marketing & Business Opportunities
  • Home Business & Work From Home
  • Insurance (Life, Health, Dental, or Auto)
  • Financial (Loan Mod & Refi Loans)
  • General Consumers
  • B2B (Business To Business)
Can You Send To Specific States Or Countries? +

Yes we can. Geotargeting is included with all campaigns. Geotargeting is the ability to specify which states or countries we send your campaign to. You can select specific states or countries, instruct us to send to only Tier 1 countries, or specify countries based on language.

How Soon Will My Campaign Start? +

In many cases we can have your campaign started the same day you order. Most campaigns are up and running within 24 hours of ordering. After placing your order you will receive instant access to the ad submission system.

What Is Included With Your Service? +

When you order one of our advertising campaigns we immediately begin putting your ad in front of qualified prospects. We show your ad to qualified people who have indicated interest in seeing offers like the one you are advertising. You will receive a tracking link as soon as your campaign begins sending. If you choose to have our ad writers create your ad we will go to work writing a custom ad for you. The turnaround time to have an ad written is usually less than 24 hours.

Will I Get A List Of Leads? +

No, we are not a leads service. We can't send you a list of leads because the people seeing your ad have not agreed to have their contact information distributed. We recommend that you use a lead capture form on your website to collect the contact information of people who visit your website.

What Is The Refund Policy? Is There A Guarantee? +

Due to the nature of advertising, all sales are final and we cannot provide any guarantees. We are proud of our service and we will work hard to get you the best possible results. However, there are many factors out of our control that will determine the success or failure of a campaign. Your ad, your website, your landing page, your price point, and even your industry can have an impact on the results of your ad campaign.

Billing & Account Questions

How Do I Upgrade My Account? +

To upgrade your account please login to your account here. After you have logged in you will see an option to upgrade your campaign.

How Do I Downgrade My Account? +

To downgrade your account please login to your account here. After you have logged in please click on the "Downgrade" link.

How Do I Change My Credit Card Info? +

To change your billing method or update your credit card information please login to your account here. After you have logged in please click on the "Update Billing Information" link.

Troubleshooting Tips

My Ad Hasn't Started / No Tracking Link +

You will receive a tracking link for your campaign by the end of the day you scheduled your ad to begin sending. If you haven't received your tracking link by the end of the business day please use the Contact Form on the bottom of this page.

The Dates On My Tracking Link Are Wrong +

The tracking link shows the past 7 days of activity on a rolling basis. This can cause some confusion. Even if your campaign began sending today you will see the past 7 days displayed on the tracking link. The date range displayed will change daily on a rolling basis.

I'm Having Trouble With My Ad Formatting +

Most formatting problems occur if you are using Microsoft Word to create your ad. If you are having problems submitting your ad please use the contact form below and we will be happy to assist.

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