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When Will My Campaign Start?

Your campaign will begin sending on the day you specify on the set up form. We will email you a tracking link by the end of business on your scheduled start day.

How Do I Change My Ad Or Campaign Settings?

You can change or edit your ad campaign by logging in here. After logging in click on the Ad Submission section to make changes.

What Are The Targeting Categories?

To view our list of targeting categories please click here. When you submit your ad to us you can select up to three categories per campaign.

Pre-Order Questions

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Can You Send To Specific States Or Countries?

How Soon Will My Campaign Start?

What Is Included With Your Service?

Will I Get A List Of Leads?

What Is The Refund Policy? Is There A Guarantee?

Billing & Account Questions

How Do I Upgrade My Account?

How Do I Downgrade My Account?

How Do I Change My Credit Card Info?

Troubleshooting Tips

My Ad Hasn't Started / No Tracking Link

The Dates On My Tracking Link Are Wrong

I'm Having Trouble With My Ad Formatting

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